Year 2017 Q1, A Progress Check

Q1 2017 has ended and for some companies, it is the end of their fiscal year.  For me, it’s time to check in on my 2017 new year resolutions.  True, I only laid them out in Feb, so there wouldn’t be a lot of progress.  But it also means needing a sense of urgency because time seems to fly by faster and faster each year.  It will be Christmas soon before you know it!

Sadly, I have not achieve much.  Haven’t started reading anything except travel guides for my vacation in Taiwan.  I had an awesome trip, which I will share in my next blog.  The week before my trip, I fell ill, so not exactly healthy living since I couldn’t exercise nor eat and sleep well.  Still no sight of a corporate job but I did talk to a few people about corporate training opportunities.  At least there are now possibilities of training adults instead of children.  Hoping some of these will pan out so that I can stop running the workshops for children.

My blog hasn’t been updated for the past 2 weeks as I prepared for and travelled through Taiwan.  This trip is definitely one of the high points of 2017, expecting more to come during the year.

Planning a trip with a travel buddy is a lot of fun.  I like traveling alone too but having someone to get lost together and gossip about everything under the sun on long train rides and into the night was great.  I became spoiled because there was always someone else who would read the maps, plan the routes, and find the way.  Financially, it made sense because we shared the costs of hotels and meals.  Sure, we do miss having our own bathrooms and space, and we needed to put up with each other’s quirks (like, she snores in her sleep and I have my toilet schedule every morning), but overall, we adjusted and travelled well together.

I was on my own in Tainan, after we parted ways at Alishan and she travelled back to Taipei where I joined her after Kaohsiung.  I had to find my own way to the hotel from the train station and to the various sightseeing places.  It wasn’t as fun eating on my own although being able to decide when, where and what to eat was liberating.  So was having my own bathroom and walking around naked in the hotel room!

I was joined in Kaohsiung by a Taiwanese friend whom I had never travelled together before and haven’t seen for the past 10 years.  But the 2 days together turned out very well.  It was good that our hotel room was huge.  That gave us a lot of personal space.  I don’t think we would have enjoyed as much if we had to squeeze in rooms as small as those in Taipei.  Personal space is so important.

Again, she was doing all the research and finding places to go.  I just followed.  We took the High Speed Rail back to Taipei and she got off at Taoyuan.  We must have travelled well together because we are now talking about a Hong Kong trip next.  Can’t wait even though I have been to Hong Kong many times!  Love the food there.  And catching up with old friends.  Potentially another high point for this year.

The Taiwan trip was so exhausting that I needed a few days to recover from my vacation.  I have been averaging 8 hours of sleep every night, falling into bed exhausted even though I wasn’t doing anything much during the day.  Imagine walking for 10-12 hours every day sightseeing for the 10 days in Taiwan.  You could do that on an adrenaline rush because it was so much fun.  I think the body just shut down on our flight back — we were exhausted, physically and mentally.

Seriously, I need to start on the rest of my new year resolutions.  First step now is to get back to a routine so that the exercises and blog updates can happen.  That should kick start the brain into thinking what new thing to learn, what to read, next steps, etc.  I hope anyway.

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  1. Good one on your trip to Taiwan! It does not matter who does the work of reading map, etc as long as we did it for the fun and adventure willingly and most importantly, both of you had enjoyed the trip travelling together.
    Have fun with the Hong Kong trip!

    1. More photos to share the next time we meet, if you are interested in Taiwan. 🙂

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