Women and Shoes

Have you ever wonder what’s with women and shoes?  I am not a shopper but when I do go shopping, I find myself always making a stop at the shoes department.  Even if I don’t buy any shoes, I like trying on a few pairs just to admire my feet and see how I look in the mirror.  It makes me feel good.  I am sure most of us have at least 20 pairs of shoes at any one time, and still feel we need another pair to match an outfit or something.

I found an interesting article that listed 10 interesting facts about women and their obsession with shoes. http://megamood.com/10-fascinating-facts-women-obsession-shoes/  I don’t think I will go that far as saying I am obsessed with shoes but I can definitely agree with one of the 10 facts that shoes are a necessity.  We can’t go out barefooted, so we need to wear shoes.  And since we have different outfits and do different things, we almost always need different shoes for different occasion.

And I do like heels because I like feeling tall, although at 1.63m, I am considered relatively tall for a Singaporean Asian woman.  Not sure if it has anything to do with feeling confident and empowered.  But I don’t have a lot of high heels because I don’t really know how to walk in them properly and still look good.  The practical side of me, especially in my 50s, says that I should buy nice but sensible shoes.  In my corporate career, I got to sit a lot, so I could wear heels because I didn’t need to walk a lot.  But when I travelled overseas, I needed comfortable shoes because I found myself walking a lot to the office from the hotel, and from one meeting to another.

I do love boots.  Maybe not those tall boots like what Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman, but definitely boots that go above my ankles and end just below my knees.  It is too hot to wear leather boots in Singapore so my pair of boots is kept for overseas trips.  It has heels but not thin heels so it is easier to walk in those.  While it is quite practical, it is still not suitable for winter or wet conditions.  You would probably need Wellingtons for such adverse weather conditions.

When I was living in the US, I noticed that women would wear walking or running shoes walking to the subway or on buses, no matter what work clothes they have on.  When they get to the office, they would change into their nice dress shoes.  In Singapore, we do the opposite.  We will wear our nice dress shoes outside the office to match our work clothes.  When we get to the office, we will change into slippers or comfortable shoes.  I suppose it shows that we want to look coordinated and good.  I think we would rather be dead than be caught in shoes that didn’t match what we are wearing.

I have not wore a lot of heels this past year, running around in flats.  I look at my lovely shoes collection and hope one day I will wear them again when I return to the corporate world.  Hopefully, they wouldn’t have fallen apart from the lack of wear.  For now, I need to take good care of my feet — they are still hurting from my 5-month stint working at Coffee Bean standing for hours on end.  Perhaps TCM will work but acupuncture…. not sure I can handle it.


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  1. May need to care for your shoes if you are not wearing them.

    I do the same as the American women – I wear my running shoes to work and then change to my office (leather) shoes at work. Maybe you can look at it this way – You may be starting a “fashion trend” here in Singapore ;-). Back in 1982, I wore Aussie Stubbies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stubbies_(brand)) to Orchard Road with my then French-Canadian colleague from the Oil & Gas company …. we might have started the shorts/bermuda-wearing trend thereafter.

    Re TCM, go for it! I went for acupuncture a couple of times and they worked for me. Take care.

  2. Hi E.H.! Maybe one day I will be brave enough to bring myself to try acupuncture. Or when the pain in my foot becomes unbearable, whichever comes first! Yes, will take a look at my shoe collection one weekend to make sure they are not falling apart. Not quite sure how to take care of them since all my life, my approach to shoes is to wear them till they fall apart. I have never gone this long without wearing my beautiful heels. 🙂

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