The Smart Shopper

Contrary to what people say about women who loves to shop, I am one of those who don’t.  You will never see me window shopping or planning a shopping outing in Singapore.  When I hit the stores, it is because I have a shopping list with me; I have something specific to buy.  As it turned out, I ran out of some skincare products at the end of Sep and needed to replenish.

I started using Biotherm’s products a couple of years back, starting with its Aquasource moisturizer because the gel felt cool and smooth on my skin and it is not greasy.  I usually buy it when there is a promotion, like discounts or free gifts.  And that was how I started to use their toning lotion and face wash.  I am not really a toner person, so each free bottle usually last a long time.  Then I was introduced to their serum and now essence.  I was using SKII essence previously but for $200 a bottle, it was pretty steep.  And I didn’t really like the yeast smell.  So when that ran out, I thought I would try Biotherm’s Life Plankton Essence which was $129 for a 200ml bottle.  So now, my skincare regime is almost all Biotherm.

On a clean face, I first use the toning lotion (when I bother!), then put a few drops of essence before putting on the serum, followed by the eye gel, my most-loved moisturizer and sunblock.  As you can see, the sunblock is not Biotherm but I really like it — it smells great and is non-greasy, anti-wrinkle and SPF50+.  What more can you ask for!  I don’t know if it is available in Singapore — a friend of mine bought it for me from Korea and I will be asking her to get me some more since she goes almost every year.  A few fashion models have said that even if you put nothing else on your face, you absolutely cannot go without sunblock.  So heed this advice — the sun can be very damaging to our skin.

The nice thing about Biotherm is that it has a point system that allows you to accumulate points to exchange for free gifts.  I used to just let the points expire because I only buy the moisturizer.  But last year, I started buying more of their products and as Christmas gifts for family.  So I had enough points to exchange for a bottle of body lotion.  My points expire on Oct 25 and this year, my sister and I bought some items and accumulated some 200+ points to date.  On your birthday month, you get triple points so now I have close to 1000 points to redeem.  Isetan had a sale over the Oct 7-9 weekend so I waited till then to shop.  I also got more free gifts from Biotherm and a $20 discount.  In addition, because I am an Isetan member, and paid using HSBC credit card, I got $30 shopping voucher from Isetan.  Not bad for a $214 purchase.

A smart shopper, I believe, is one who will wait for the right time to buy the things she needs — to get discounts and free gifts, accumulate points for gift redemption, AND get cash vouchers.  You should never buy on impulse and definitely not things you don’t really need just because they are on sales.  There will always be sales in one place or another.  If you don’t need these things, don’t be tempted to buy.  If you don’t want your home to become cluttered, buy only things that you need and at a time when you can maximize free gifts.  I once bought Christmas gifts in Oct because I had my Christmas list ready and I was going to the UK on a business trip where some things were much cheaper there than in Singapore.  So, another tip, it is always good to plan ahead.  Happy smart shopping!

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