Space Management

This week, I have a house guest visiting from the UK.  It was fun getting the house ready for my good friend, not that I have a huge apartment.  But that is what made it more challenging.  With 915 sq. feet of space, I need to maximize use of all available space without making any place look cluttered.  I had a few guiding principles.

Most important principle is to ensure that my guest room has enough space for her and her luggage.  To do that, I had to move the study table out into my bedroom since there was no other space in the apartment.  That required some shifting of furniture in my room, which was a bit challenging without making my room feel cluttered.  I think after a few rounds of shifting and placements, I got everything to fit.  It still feels a bit cluttered but I think it is just a matter of getting used to the altered look of my bedroom.  The dresser had to stay where it was because I couldn’t have the mirror facing the bed where I sleep — bad feng shui I was told.  That means the bedside table, the study table and shelf were the only pieces I could move around.  I also moved the modem and router into my bedroom — something that I had wanted to do for a while now so that I have easier access to the Internet switch, just in case I do rent out my guest room.

Next principle is to ensure that the living room where my house guest and I would be spending a lot of time in, remains spacious.  That means the bicycle had to be stored away in the store room.  No problem really since I doubt I would have time to cycle while she is in town.  So the only place in the apartment that looks cluttered now is the store room.  I had to move some empty boxes to the top of the shelves to make space for the bicycle and the ironing board.  I moved the ladder to the small storage space where my broom and cordless vacuum sit.  By closing the store room door, the walkway outside the guest room and bathroom is now clear.  Plus I don’t need to look at the cluttered storeroom!  YAY!!!!

Next, I had to clear the guest bathroom of pails and my toiletries.  These went into my bathroom since I now have to use my bath tub for showers.  My bathroom does look a bit cluttered but everything is there and within reach, so it is really very convenient.  I sometimes wish I had stuck to my original plan of putting in a shower cubicle rather than a bath tub when I was renovating my house — after all, I never take baths.  But I thought since I already had a shower in the second bathroom, it would be nice to have a bath tub especially if I do sell my place one day or rent out the entire apartment.  Plus a condo should have a bath tub, I thought.

So now, I am sharing my home with my friend for the 9 days she is here.  It has been nice since we both spend a lot of time out of the house doing our own things.  It didn’t feel like I was giving up my privacy although I have stopped walking around the house naked and using the guest bath room for showers.  Perhaps renting my 2nd bedroom out isn’t such a bad idea after all, especially if the tenant is a working adult who spends most time out of the house returning only to sleep.  The extra income would be nice.  I will think about it some more — a move for next year perhaps.

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