Nothing like a Mani/Pedi to Pamper Yourself

I cannot quite remember the last time I went for a mani/pedi.  I think it was 2 years ago when I had to attend a colleague’s wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having someone fuss over my nails — trimming, buffing, pushing back the cuticle, cutting away dead skin, shaping and painting.  And I get to choose whatever colours I want!  It’s just that there hasn’t been any special or significant enough occasion the past year for me to get a mani/pedi.

I mean, a mani/pedi should be about pampering yourself, so you don’t really need a special occasion to justify a trip to the nail salon.  But to have such pretty nails only for yourself to enjoy seems rather selfish to me.  And after a mani/pedi, you have to take even better care of your nails.  You want the colours to last longer, so you try to limit your chores wearing gloves for everything.  You cannot go without washing your hair, body and face, so like it or not, your hands are subjected to soap and scrubbing but you take extra care to be gentle on your hands.  The skin around the vanished nails is also more prone to drying out, so you need to apply cuticle oil or cream around it.  To go through such great lengths to maintain those beautiful nails, I think you owe it to yourself to give a more important reason for a mani/pedi than just pampering.

Some people get their nails done before a job interview because it helps to boost their confidence.  I have done that but it’s rare because I worry that having painted nails may send the wrong message — that I am someone who is not prepared to roll up my sleeves to do the “dirty” work.  I usually have a mani/pedi when I have to attend a wedding or a party or a big conference.  One thing I know, I don’t like to have painted nails on my travel — I would have to carry around a bottle of nail polish remover for in case the vanish gets chipped.  And I hate carrying around liquids in my bag for fear it leaks.

I am blessed with long and slender fingers, so keeping my nails long suits me.  I secretly think that my best assets are my hands, which is why I was willing to sign up for mani-pedi packages.  I haven’t been able to keep my nails long the last 5 months because of the Coffee Bean job.  The hardest part of the job, besides standing for so many hours, was having to cut my nails and keep them short.  My hands really took a beating with all that washing, even though I moisturize every day.  I was finally able to grow out my nails after I quit.

It was my good friend’s birthday and since I already have a package that I haven’t been using, I thought giving her a mani/pedi session as a gift would be nice.  It’s also my excuse to go for a pampering session myself — got tired of waiting for “an important occasion”.  We both had a lot of fun chatting away and watching the movie playing at the shop.  If you are looking for a place to do your nails, I recommend Nails At Hue located on Level 5 of the Carlton Hotel.  The ladies there are great and the location is very central and easy to get to on the Circle Line (Bras Basah MRT) and Green Line (City Hall MRT).  It was an afternoon well spent.

So now, I have pretty pink fingernails and rich brown toenails to show off in my Havaianas.  Let’s see how long these pretty fingernail colours will last.  Most say it will last only 7 days top.  Once, I got it to last 3 weeks — not sure how I did it!  The toenail colour last much longer because there is less wear and tear — my longest record was 2 months.  I finally had to clean it off because I got tired of the colour and I was missing my original toe colour!  It is probably not good to leave colours on your nails that long — your nails get stained.  You have to grow out your nail to get the healthy and natural shine back.

Anyway, mani/pedi — looking good has never been so easy.

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