New Year Resolutions: Awesomeness!

I started 2017 without a list of new year resolutions and it is already February.  Better late than never, I think.  I took a look at my 2016 resolutions and thought those still look pretty good.  If I continue with them and add a few new ones, the list will become too long and I would lack focus.  And I really don’t want to stress myself chasing a long list of resolutions during the year — this is suppose to be the time of my life.  At the end of the year, I want to have a healthy report card to show of course, so a shorter list works best.

The thing with new year resolutions I feel is that even if you have achieved them last year, it doesn’t mean you should stop doing them in the next year, especially if they are meaningful endeavours.  For example, in 2016, one of my new year  resolutions was to travel the world and I achieved it by travelling to South America — Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil, and then to New Zealand — Auckland and parts of North Island.  I don’t think I will ever stop traveling — I am actually planning for a trip to Taiwan now.  So while I won’t be listing “travel the world” as a 2017 resolution, I know I will still be traveling.  It just won’t be an area of focus because I have other more important priorities this year.

Anyway, here goes:

  1. Live healthy — sleep more, eat well, exercise regularly
  2. Read
  3. Gain experience as a corporate trainer
  4. Re-enter the corporate world
  5. Feed my blog regularly (at least 3 times a week)
  6. Become more social media-savvy
  7. Learn something new

In 2016, I said I would exercise regularly, which I did, although I haven’t exercised as frequently as I used to after recovering from a bad cold in Jan this year.  I think living healthy is more important for me now — besides regular exercise, I need to have enough sleep and eat balanced meals.  I tried sleeping for 8 hours but it proved to be difficult because I seem to wake up automatically after 7 hours.  I know 6 hours is a bit too short and I wake up still feeling tired.

I am still researching what balanced meals mean.  We have decided to try tingkat food services because it is getting too stressful for mom to cook family meals regularly.  I try to cook whenever I can but mom still gets involved when I do the cooking.  So to save the trouble and all-round stress, we decided to start tingkat food service.  That means less control over choice of food, so how to achieve balanced meals?

Recently, I ran a “Judge My Words” workshop for Secondary 3 students and they were asked to write an autobiography.  I was encouraging them to read autobiographies as part of their learning when I realized I don’t even read much myself.  I remember reading Steve Job’s autobiography but I didn’t finish it.  High time to do something about it.

Time flies when you are having fun.  I know I have been enjoying my career break so much so that 16 months (I stopped working on Nov 1, 2015) flew by very quickly.  That means, I haven’t been paid since my severance package ran out in July 2016, using last drawn monthly salary as the basis.  True that I started my part-time barista job at the end of Aug but at $6 an hour, it was not even enough to cover my monthly expenses.  My family has been most supportive.  Sis has taken up the full responsibility of covering household expenses and mom’s medical bills.  Mom has been reassuring, asking me not to feel stressed over the job search and lack of income.  I am eternally grateful to them but I really do need to do my part for the family.  Re-entering the corporate world would definitely bring in a good income because all the part-time projects are not cutting it — these are useful past-times to gain experience and have fun.  Plus I really think I have a lot to offer to the corporate world, so retiring is not an option just yet.  Not for another 5-8 years anyway.

I now have 10 months to work on these 7 resolutions.  I am determined to have a good report card to show come year end.  Make 2017 more awesome than last year.  Let me be more awesome.  YAY!!!

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