I Love the Golden Girls

The Straits Times last Monday (Feb 20) featured an article about a new café in Washington Heights (New York, USA) that paid tribute to the hit television series, The Golden Girls, which happens to be my favourite TV show.  Called Rue La Rue Café, it is dedicated to Rue McClanahan and her hit TV series which ran from 1985 to 1992.

For those 50plus who are not familiar with the TV show, it was about 4 older Miami housemates — Dorothy (Bea Arthur), the cynical wit; Rose (Betty White), the lovable dumb blond; Sophia (Estelle Getty), the Italian spitfire; and Blanche, the Southern vixen — and their lives and adventures.  I love the show because it used witty lines and light-hearted comedy to tackle important, and sometimes difficult issues, like growing old, friendship, money (or the lack of), health, death, and society problems like poverty, the homeless, etc.

The article said the series was so popular because it tapped “into something that we all share as human beings — a fear that as we age, we are going to become irrelevant and alone.  This show is a tonic for that fear.  It says you can still look good and have a very full life, with friends”.  I think there is some truth in that.

I am perfectly fine being on my own but I do worry if I can continue to care for myself in my golden years.  My mom is getting old and more health issues have come up over the recent months.  There are more frequent doctor’s visit and hospital stays.  Sis and I are always around to take her to the doctor’s, drive her around, and help her around.  Who will take care of me when I grow old?  Everyone needs someone some day.  Can I count on my sisters and friends to be there for me when we are all just as old?  Are we able to be there for each other?

When I bought my apartment in 2010, it was meant to provide for my old age.  I thought, when I become too old to care for myself, I would sell my apartment and use the money to pay for the cost of living in an old folks/nursing home.  Or perhaps downsize to the small HDB apartment for the elderly.  I am quite sure my apartment would give me enough funds to last till I die.  I hope so anyway.

The article went on to say that for all the show’s zany plots, what fans seem to cherish most are the intimate scenes in which the four friends sit around their kitchen table, sharing a cheesecake and talking into the night.  That does seem nice.  It would be great if I can find friends to live with or nearby and we can talk into the night over cheesecakes.

I hope I get to visit this café some day because it does sound awesome.  I love the TV series — I rented the videos for all 6 seasons from the library and had so much fun watching the show.  There was a special feature at the end of the last season where all the actresses were interviewed.  It was sad to see Bea Arthur so old.  All of them actually.  Now they are all dead except for Betty White.  I know we all have to go someday but death still terrifies me.  May we the golden girls-to be (sisters and friends) keep each other company into our golden years.

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