When less is more, an interesting concept

What made the Jul-Sep issue of my favourite little magazine “Time of Your Life” interesting was the concept of “When Less is More”.  I know it is not a new concept but for me personally, I have found it difficult to embrace.

I have been looking for this reading kit in July but was told by the library staff that they have not received it.  I didn’t go to the library the months of Aug and Sep because the drum kit in the silent studio was under repairs and I couldn’t practice.  So I was delighted to see this little reading kit this month which is full of useful information.  Pick one up if you are ever in the library — if you prefer an electronic version, you can download it here.  The first issue began in Jul-Sep 2014, can you believe it?  I am going to go through every issue to pick up my nuggets of information.  Already looking forward to the next issue, Oct-Dec.

As always, there would be an interesting quote that catches my eyes.  “Minimalism is not a lack of something.  It’s simply the perfect amount of something.” by Nicolas Burroughs.  Such a clever quote!  Most of us are not minimalists — we are used to surrounding ourselves with things.  And as we live in a place long enough, we will have a tendency to accumulate things, not necessarily to keep up with the Joneses but more because we just like the things we have bought, have some use for these things, and/or too lazy to clean up.  I think we all make conscious attempts to declutter but honestly, how many of us are successful?  I can see more things in my apartment now since moving in 6 years ago.

The article states “Minimalism is not always about eschewing materialistic things.  It is about striking a balance and freeing yourself from whatever’s unnecessary in your life.”  When you have less, you have “space” for more schedules, space to think, play, create and have fun with family.  Having less in your life changes the way you use your time, money and living spaces, according to a book “The Joy of Less” by Francine Jay.  So, that’s what it means when less is more.  Ha.  I think I am going to borrow this book soon, once I get rid of this nasty flu that had me down for almost a week now (and 2 kgs lighter!).

It’s almost 2 years since I left the corporate world.  What I missed most are the big monthly paychecks and the overseas travels on SQ business class.  Sounds very materialistic, doesn’t it?  But hey, who doesn’t need money?  Now that I am earning a very small paycheck from my freelance teaching job, I find that I actually don’t need a lot to live on.  I will forever be thankful for the corporate jobs that I had in the past because they have allowed me to live well and save up a lot so that I can afford to slow down now (although not being able to take care of my mom’s medical bills still bother me a lot).  But I do find that I do a lot more of these that were listed in the article:

  1. Focus on necessities
  2. Appreciate the simple things in life
  3. Have more time to do things I enjoy
  4. Have financial freedom
  5. Have fewer things to worry about
  6. Have clarity of thought
  7. Have less stress
  8. More productive
  9. Have more space

Another book “Less is More: 101 ways to simplify your life” by Domoniqque Bertolucci” was recommended as another interesting read.  And “Zen Habits: Handbook for Life: Hundreds of Tips for Simplicity, Happiness, Productivity” by Leo Babauta.  I am so looking forward to finding these books soon.  And coincidentally, I just saw a mailer informing me that the Bedok Public Library (at 11 Bedok North Street 1) will re-open on 28 Oct.  YAY!

So basically, less of something means more of other things — it can’t possibly mean when less money means more money!  I sometimes don’t think I have financial freedom yet nor have less things to worry about.  But compared to a lot of people, I am in a pretty fortunate situation.  I worry about different things now (I think it is human nature to worry) and have more time to ponder about life and improving the quality of life.  Perhaps I have completed Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and now have a sense of self-fulfilment.  Zen.

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  1. You now have more time for friends and family- that’s really important too. As we go through stages in life priorities shift. You inspire me!

    1. Thank you, my dear friend. Let’s learn and take inspiration from each other. Life is a learning journey.

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