Good Reads for the 50 plus

Shortly after I started my blog, I came across this booklet “Time of Your Life.  Good Reads for the 50plus” being distributed at the National Library for free.  Obviously, being 50plus is something important enough for the government to print a quarterly booklet just for us!  🙂  I am sure there is a sizable population of us.  It made me feel that starting this blog was a very good idea and I should keep going, even if there aren’t many readers yet.  I want to keep writing content that will interest the 50plus so for those of you out there, let me know if you have topics that you wish to know more about.  I am happy to research and write about it, offering my humble opinions.

20160929_170554In this Oct-Dec 2016 version of the library booklet, which has content in 4 major languages, it featured 3 interesting topics:

  1. Venturing into the world of home business
  2. Understanding menopause
  3. Do natural remedies have healing properties?

It also gave book references and recommendations.  Now, I am interested to borrow more books from the library.  So far, I have been borrowing VCDs because I fell in love with The Golden Girls TV series (will talk more about this in later blogs), and there were some movies that looked interesting.  Honestly, I prefer watching my TV screen than reading a book, especially now that I need reading glasses.  Maybe I will try an audio book sometime — I wonder what it feels like to have someone reading a book to me!  What if I don’t like the voice?  Is there a choice to have a male or female voice, I wonder.  I will look into it.

Coincidentally, I have been thinking about home business, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the first topic in this booklet.  I don’t think I am good with my hands, so making and selling crafts is not going to work for me.  I have actually been thinking about offering copywriting services, something that I can do at home and be paid.  One of my good friends introduced me to a proofreading project, so if the project (editing a 30,000-word MBA thesis) comes through, that will be my launch pad to a copyediting and copywriting freelancer career.  I am very excited to begin this new career in my 50s.  This is my first time without a corporate career.  One of the references mentioned was “Start Your Own Home Business After 50: How to Survive, Thrive, and Earn the Income You Deserve!”  I am definitely going to borrow this book.  In addition, I have been reading “The Wealthy Freelancer”, “Make Money Online”, and “Digital Moms” which is about how stay-at-home moms started blogging and grew their blogs into money-making business.  All so inspiring that it got me started on this blog.  Perhaps one day, the money will trickle in.  Hahahaha!

At the back of this booklet, it featured regular activities for the 50plus @ Public Libraries.  For example, monthly on the 3rd Tue, from 11am to 12pm, at Toa Payoh Public Library, there is “Lim Kopi, Let’s Talk” which are discussions on current happenings in Singapore.  And, monthly on the 2nd Tue, 11am to 12.30pm, at Yishun Public Library, there is “The Next Chapter” which is an English book club discussing topics like relationships, retirement, financial issues, health and exercise, etc.  You know what, I will check out some of these activities soon.  For more details, look up the library’s website:

So, pick up this book from your nearest library.  It has loads of useful information.  I am proud to be 50plus.  We are all getting older, no one is getting younger.  So why not enjoy the journey and make this next chapter the time of our life?  I know I am and I will.

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