Food Paradise in Malacca, Non-Stop Eating

I recently went on an eating trip to Malacca (West Malaysia) with my sister and nephew who were visiting from the US.  It was a short 3 days, 2 nights trip.  With the very favourable exchange rate, it felt like I was in food paradise.

Most people suggested we drive there.  But I really didn’t want to deal with the hassle of driving, Google Map, and parking.  So I found my choices of coach services at different prices, pick up/let off points, and timings.  It cost about S$13 to go and S$18 to return.  Plus S$1 of insurance each way, transport came up to S$33 per person, which I thought was a bargain.  I suppose S$99 for 3 persons was expensive since I am sure it wouldn’t cost that much for petrol both ways, but who knows.  Basically, I didn’t want to drive.  I never felt safe driving in Malaysia, after hearing about the accidents and car robberies.

I did pick a more expensive hotel though, Equatorial, where the coach let us off.  I figured we could afford higher comfort and a central location to all the places we wanted to go, given that we won’t be spending a lot on food and shopping with the exchange rate.  I have to say, it was very hot in Malacca.  It felt worse than Singapore because we were always outdoors walking from place to place, in search of food — we had to try as much of the food listed on websites and blogs as time (and stomach!) would allow.

The coach departure was 8.30AM from City Plaza but it made a stop at Beach Road to pick up passengers.  We actually started the drive closer to 10AM with only 5 passengers in total.  The ride was uneventful and we entered Malaysia via the 2nd Link at Tuas rather than Woodlands.  There was hardly anyone at this Causeway on a Sunday morning.  I supposed the crowd must be at the Woodlands causeway as people pour into JB for weekend shopping.  We had to make a pee stop between the causeway and Malacca because my nephew couldn’t hold his bladder.  He and my sister were complaining how awfully dirty the toilets were, so I decided I would wait till I get to the hotel.  Seriously, why couldn’t public toilets be kept clean?  The public toilets in Singapore suffer the same fate.  Do people have bad toilet habits or perhaps they just don’t care about public facilities?  I cannot imagine their own toilets at home to be in such bad conditions.  I was just happy to get to our rooms at the Equatorial — air condition and clean bathrooms, and space with joining rooms for 4 when there are only 3 of us.  So began our eating spree.

Why write about the food when pictures can tell a thousand words?

Wonton Noodles and Local Coffee
Nonya dumpling
Nonya Cendol
Pandan Pancakes served with Flat White Coffee @ The Daily Fix on Jonker
Popiah chocked full of ingredients. Absolutely delicious.
Satay Celup for dinner
Durian Cendol. Yummy.

We had more food than these (chicken rice and rice balls, cendol every day, peranakan food, coconut drinks) but I was too busy eating to take photos!  Food Paradise indeed.

Of course, some sightseeing thrown in.

I had a great time in Malacca overall.  I suppose I could do more if it wasn’t that hot outdoors.  And without American-born-and-bred nephew who wasn’t all that adventurous about food.  The last time I was in Malacca was like 15 years ago, so perhaps another visit in another 15 years’ time in my 60s!

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