Exercise and Me

No matter what age we are, we should make keeping fit part of our life.  We owe it to ourselves to stay healthy.  Most of us take our health for granted when we were young, thinking that nothing will hurt us.  Then as we get older and experiences more illnesses, we become more aware and start taking better care of our health.  Because we want to live longer and we have more things we want to do with our life.  Most of the time, it is because we want to look good.  When our metabolic rate slows down with age, we need to work harder to keep the flabs away, the tummy down and the butt firm.

I have never been a health buff.  Actually, I was not a very healthy child.  I was a premature baby and a sickly child, always down with one thing or another.  As a teen, I got tired of being sick so often and tried to exercise more, only to find out that I have thalassemia, a blood condition characterized by low haemoglobin count, reducing oxygen intake.  But as long as I don’t do competitive sports, and pace myself, I would not faint.  Over the years, I found out what exercises I like and what I didn’t.  I never really liked sports — tennis, squash, netball, basketball, volleyball.  Swimming and cycling, I like, but as I got older, I found the cold water quite unpleasant.  I didn’t like running at all.  Actually, as long as there is music, I found that it could distract me enough to keep going.  I fell in love with aerobics years ago, then step aerobics, and now Zumba.  Kickboxing and cardio exercise are carried out with music, so I liked those too.

I now exercise at least once a week, cardio blast every Sunday at the Sports Hub.  Usually, I go twice a week with kickboxing on Thu.  And if I was not too tired, I attend Zumba on Wed.  And all for free too.  So now, there is really no excuse not to exercise.  In the past, I felt stressed paying for gym membership and not going often enough to make it worthwhile.  Now that all these classes are free, there is no stress.  In fact, my attendance is much more regular.

So, I encourage you to make time to exercise.  You can’t beat the price of free, can you?  And they have yoga, pilates, and stepper too.  I am sure you can find an exercise that is suitable for you.  Oh, and if you register, Fitbit issues you with a card where you can collect a stamp each time you attend class.  With enough stamps, you get free gifts.  So far, I have received a water bottle, a shoe bag, and an arm case to hold my phone.  And there is a lucky draw at the end of the year too.  Great, isn’t it?  If you want to look good, and feel healthy, start exercising today.  Don’t wait for tomorrow, or next week.  Go now.

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