Colour Me Healthy

I am not someone blessed with a healthy glow on my cheeks and red-colour lips.  While I have a relatively good complexion, my pallor hints that I may be anaemic and perhaps even slightly jaundiced.  Truth be told, I am anaemic.  So without some makeup, I look pale and colourless and at times, unhealthy.

My pallor means that I should be putting on some colour on my cheeks and lips.  Now that I am almost all grey/silver, having a brighter colour on my lips become even more essential.  I cannot leave the house without putting on lipstick just so I don’t look washed out.

In my younger days, I would take more trouble with my face, putting on a makeup base, rouge, eye liner, mascara, and lipstick.  As I got older, it didn’t matter as much anymore.  Now that I am not working, I hardly bother.  When I have to meet people for official business, I will apply some foundation and lipstick and, when I have time, curl my lashes and add mascara.  Other times, I will just put on lipstick.  These days, the lipstick is a must.

There are many brands of lipsticks in the market and I have personally used various brands.  The one that I love most is Revlon Colorstay Ultimate.  True to its name, the colour stays.  When I put it on in the morning, it stays on through lunch and dinner, without the need to reapply.  Every once in a while, it fades a little but for the most part, it stays on.  It doesn’t feel dry nor sticky.  The only problem is, I can’t find this in Singapore.  I buy my supply from the US — when I am in the US or when my sister visits.  I have 3 different shades of red that I alternate, depending on mood and occasion.

Because it doesn’t come off easily, I remove it gently with a liquid makeup remover.  I find the L’Oréal gentle lip and eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup most effective.  It works on lipstick and eye makeup, what more can you ask for from such a small handy bottle.

I recently dyed the fringe of my hair.  I am 95% silver but for some unknown reason, the fringe around my hair has the most black hair, giving my hair a natural dark outline.  I accentuated it by dyeing it purple black a month ago and it actually looked quite trendy.  Now I get asked even more if I had intentionally bleached my hair!  Coupled with a nice lip colour, and a good BB cream as foundation, I can actually look quite nice without trying too hard and spending too much time.  Yay for me!

Honestly, I don’t believe in a lot of makeup, never have and never will.  But I do think we owe it to ourselves to take good care of our complexion and to apply some colours to our face to make ourselves look good, after the serum, moisturizer and sunblock of course.  Looking good is important because it helps us feel more confident and happier.  It really does work.

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