Food Paradise in Malacca, Non-Stop Eating

I recently went on an eating trip to Malacca (West Malaysia) with my sister and nephew who were visiting from the US.  It was a short 3 days, 2 nights trip.  With the very favourable exchange rate, it felt like I was in food paradise. Most people suggested we drive there.  But I really didn’t […]

My South America adventure

I was reminded recently of the South America trip I took last year.  I can’t believe more than a year has passed since my South America adventure.  Time sure flies even when you are not in a full-time job.  That’s what happens when you are keeping busy and having a lot of fun!  Honestly, I do enjoy […]

My Very Enjoyable Trip to Lovely Taiwan

I have been to Taipei many times over the years and my lovely Taiwanese friends there have brought me to many places in and outside the city, like Danshui 淡水,, Jiufen 九份, Yang Ming Shan 陽明山國家公園, Maokong 貓空, and KeeLung 基隆. So on this trip, I focused on places that I have never been to before and also […]

Year 2017 Q1, A Progress Check

Q1 2017 has ended and for some companies, it is the end of their fiscal year.  For me, it’s time to check in on my 2017 new year resolutions.  True, I only laid them out in Feb, so there wouldn’t be a lot of progress.  But it also means needing a sense of urgency because time seems to […]

Land of the Rising Sun

I have always loved to travel.  I remember my first flight — business class on Northwest Airlines flying to L.A.  I had a wonderful boss at the US Embassy who sent me on a familiarization trip to the FAA.  Of course the company would only pay for economy fare but he used his miles to […]