The Salted Egg Snacks Craze

Who would imagine such craze for these salted egg snacks?  I was texted by my friend in Hong Kong to help buy her some of these Irvins salted egg snacks.  I was visiting HKG anyway, so how difficult could it be to pick these up?  WRONG! I checked out the website and there were several […]

To-Do Lists, A Key To Success

Now that I am working only part-time, I have more time to check out what’s posted on LinkedIn and Facebooks, and pay more attention to my finances and spend time with family and friends of course.  An interesting article caught my attention on LinkedIn this week where Richard Branson credits To-Do Lists as a key to his success.  This […]

Knowing The Future

Chinese New Year is in 2 weeks’ time and everywhere you go, you hear CNY songs being played and horoscopes displayed telling you what the Year of the Rooster is going to bring.  While most of us don’t really believe that anyone can tell us our future and fortune, we still stop and take the time to […]

Good Reads for the 50 plus

Shortly after I started my blog, I came across this booklet “Time of Your Life.  Good Reads for the 50plus” being distributed at the National Library for free.  Obviously, being 50plus is something important enough for the government to print a quarterly booklet just for us!  🙂  I am sure there is a sizable population of us.  […]