10 Tips to Living and Loving Life After 50

Having started this blog a year ago about living and loving life after 50, I realized we could all do with a summary to highlight the moral behind all the stories I have been sharing.  As we get older, we tend to become set in our ways.  How can we ensure that we don’t become […]

Colour Me Healthy

I am not someone blessed with a healthy glow on my cheeks and red-colour lips.  While I have a relatively good complexion, my pallor hints that I may be anaemic and perhaps even slightly jaundiced.  Truth be told, I am anaemic.  So without some makeup, I look pale and colourless and at times, unhealthy. My pallor means that I should be […]

Nothing like a Mani/Pedi to Pamper Yourself

I cannot quite remember the last time I went for a mani/pedi.  I think it was 2 years ago when I had to attend a colleague’s wedding.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having someone fuss over my nails — trimming, buffing, pushing back the cuticle, cutting away dead skin, shaping and painting.  And I get […]

Being called Auntie

I became an aunt when I was 31.  That was the time when my niece was born.  Three years later, my nephew was born, and I became an aunt the second time.  They have been taught to call me Er Eee (2nd aunt in Chinese) since young as I was the second child in the […]

Anti Aging

I discovered that as I grow older, more anti-aging skin care products are finding their way onto my dresser.  I don’t think I bought them intentionally; they are mostly gifts.  I supposed friends think that I needed them as I become 50plus.  I don’t mind using them; I am just not sure if they are really anti-aging. […]

My Crowning Glory

Besides skincare, who doesn’t spend a lot of time and effort on their crowning glory?  I know I do.  In my life time, I had kept my hair long, had it straightened and permed, dyed and highlighted, and worn it short.  Unfortunately, I am not one of those blessed with smooth fine hair.  My hair is […]

The Smart Shopper

Contrary to what people say about women who loves to shop, I am one of those who don’t.  You will never see me window shopping or planning a shopping outing in Singapore.  When I hit the stores, it is because I have a shopping list with me; I have something specific to buy.  As it turned out, I […]