Cooking Soup at Home

I am not a great cook by any standards but my dabbling in the kitchen seems to turn out edible, good-enough dishes for the family.  Limited repertoire which I hope to expand in time.  Most of my dabbling is based on memories of how mom used to cook plus my own improvisation when memory fails.  […]

Life During Covid19 Circuit Breaker

Now that all my group activities have been suspended and required to Stay at Home like everyone else, am I still enjoying my retirement?  Yes, I am, although I do worry about my mom and sis who live 15-mins drive away.  I miss not being able to join them for dinner every day and not […]

Life Before Covid19 Circuit Breaker Period

So, what have you been doing after you stop working?  That seems to be the most common question I get.  It is almost as if people think that without a job, life would be meaningless.  On the contrary, my life has been quite full and fun, until Covid19 which basically suspended all my activities, forcing […]

Every Little Bit Adds Up

Since young, mom has drilled into me about not wasting and the importance of saving for a rainy day.  Which is why unnecessary waste really annoy and irk me.  In a resource-scarce country like Singapore, I think we should all do our part in saving resources, big or small.  Because every bit will translate into […]

10 Tips to Living and Loving Life After 50

Having started this blog a year ago about living and loving life after 50, I realized we could all do with a summary to highlight the moral behind all the stories I have been sharing.  As we get older, we tend to become set in our ways.  How can we ensure that we don’t become […]

My South America adventure

I was reminded recently of the South America trip I took last year.  I can’t believe more than a year has passed since my South America adventure.  Time sure flies even when you are not in a full-time job.  That’s what happens when you are keeping busy and having a lot of fun!  Honestly, I do enjoy […]

Putting my Chinese chops to the test

I have added yet another experience on my trainer’s journey — training senior citizens to use tablets and laptops, and conducting the class in Chinese.  I am amazed with my own feat.  While I am comfortable conversing in Chinese Mandarin, conducting 2-day workshops totally in Chinese on IT topics, albeit very basic computing, is a whole different game! […]

Learning Basic Cardiac Life Support

Two weeks ago, at the urging of a friend, the both of us attended a Basic Cardiac Life Support course at the Singapore First Aid Training Centre.  Except it didn’t feel like basic to me!  This course aims to equip participants with the skills for resuscitating the collapsed adult and infant victims.  A noble cause I thought, although […]

Books for the 50plus at the library

When April rolled in, I knew the Apr-June issue of Time of Your Life (published by the National Library Board) would be waiting for me at the library.  Never to disappoint, I find it full of reading tips.  So many interesting books recommended, so little time to get to them all. On the list of books under Unexpected Finds, what […]