10 Tips to Living and Loving Life After 50

Having started this blog a year ago about living and loving life after 50, I realized we could all do with a summary to highlight the moral behind all the stories I have been sharing.  As we get older, we tend to become set in our ways.  How can we ensure that we don’t become […]

When less is more, an interesting concept

What made the Jul-Sep issue of my favourite little magazine “Time of Your Life” interesting was the concept of “When Less is More”.  I know it is not a new concept but for me personally, I have found it difficult to embrace. I have been looking for this reading kit in July but was told […]

A Bumpy Ride on My Trainer Journey

I am all for lifelong learning but self-help aside, I believe having a good trainer to facilitate learning is an important part of the equation for successful learning.  As a child, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps to become a school teacher.  But as I got older, the corporate world beckoned and it was […]


I was very happy to see the Jan-Mar 2017 issue of Time of Your Life available at the Esplanade Library.  Knowing that articles are being written for the 50plus reaffirms my belief that we are an important enough group for the government to take notice of.  For the 50plus out there, let’s stand tall and proud. The first […]

Being called Auntie

I became an aunt when I was 31.  That was the time when my niece was born.  Three years later, my nephew was born, and I became an aunt the second time.  They have been taught to call me Er Eee (2nd aunt in Chinese) since young as I was the second child in the […]

Regular Medical Checks

I never liked going for medical check ups.  Mainly because I don’t really want to find out what’s wrong with me.  Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.  True, once you know something is wrong with you, the earlier you can start to treat it.  But what if it is something that cannot be treated?  Then it would bug you […]