Happy 2017

Hello everyone.  Happy new year.  May 2017 be a hell of a lot better than 2016.  After what I have been through, I think having good health is the most important.  With good health, you can do so much with your life — things that you know will make you happy and rich, maybe not in the monetary sense necessarily but […]

Unexplainable Fear of Bugs

I enjoy owning my own home and living on my own.  I bought my 2-bedroom apartment in 2010 when I separated and moved in after renovation in Mar 2011 just before finalizing my divorce in Apr.  I always felt the whole process from buying, to renovating to moving was a journey of recovery, helping me to […]


I was introduced to this term earlier this year during a training course.  I didn’t think much of it until I chanced upon an article on http://theorganicsister.com/unjobbing-what-it-is-and-what-it-isnt/ A few important points were raised about what in-jobbing is: It is more about how you do what you do than what you actually do. It is about […]