Colour Me Healthy

I am not someone blessed with a healthy glow on my cheeks and red-colour lips.  While I have a relatively good complexion, my pallor hints that I may be anaemic and perhaps even slightly jaundiced.  Truth be told, I am anaemic.  So without some makeup, I look pale and colourless and at times, unhealthy. My pallor means that I should be […]

I Love the Golden Girls

The Straits Times last Monday (Feb 20) featured an article about a new café in Washington Heights (New York, USA) that paid tribute to the hit television series, The Golden Girls, which happens to be my favourite TV show.  Called Rue La Rue Café, it is dedicated to Rue McClanahan and her hit TV series which ran […]

Women and Shoes

Have you ever wonder what’s with women and shoes?  I am not a shopper but when I do go shopping, I find myself always making a stop at the shoes department.  Even if I don’t buy any shoes, I like trying on a few pairs just to admire my feet and see how I look […]