Anti Aging

I discovered that as I grow older, more anti-aging skin care products are finding their way onto my dresser.  I don’t think I bought them intentionally; they are mostly gifts.  I supposed friends think that I needed them as I become 50plus.  I don’t mind using them; I am just not sure if they are really anti-aging.

Take for example, this 4-piece Clinique anti-aging solution set that I got as a farewell gift last year.  It came in a small bag, so it is very handy when I have to travel or stay over somewhere for a couple of nights.  I still love my Biotherm products but they are a bit cumbersome to pack and carry as they come in glass bottles.  So I use the Clinique night cream when I go to bed, provided I am not too tired and actually bother to put it on before I climb into bed!  In the morning, after cleaning my face, I will put on the anti-gravity eye cream and firming cream since it comes with SPF 15/PA++.  I sometimes skip the Biotherm essence and serum, just to give my skin something different.  I read somewhere that it is good to give your skin a breather from your regular skincare products.  I have not used the all-smooth makeup yet since I hardly wear makeup these days now that I am not working.

I find the Clinique cream too oily actually, so while I don’t mind the night cream since I am going to bed, I don’t really like the sticky feeling of the firming cream.  What I do then is to apply a thin layer of my favourite sunblock.  That seems to mix well with the oil and gives me a matt, rather than oily, look.  And my sunblock cream is anti-wrinkle — a purchase by a friend when I asked her to pick up any sunblock cream from Korea.  This cream, I like.

Recently, my sister commented that my skin looked much clearer now.  She thinks it is because I am not working, so less stress means less breakouts.  My problem area has always been my oily T-zone.  While my forehead and nose virtually do not have pimples, my chin area is very prone to breakouts.  If you consult TCM doctors, they would say its because of my weak digestive system.  I do have a very sensitive stomach.  While I do go to the toilet every morning, my stomach becomes very active and uncomfortable with each meal during the day. I sometimes need relief at night to calm the churning stomach.  I think my breakout is due to toxins from the digested food, or rather, inability to digest food well.  I tried TCM and dutifully drank the bitter powder solution twice a day for 14 days because I desperately wanted to stop the churning.  It did help for a while but I didn’t want to continue drinking the awful concoction.  So I didn’t go back for more powder satchels.  I learn to live with the churn and the occasional outbreaks around my chin.

With age, I also started getting pigmentation around my cheeks — my left cheek more than my right.  I tried all sorts of spot treatment cream — SKII, Biotherm, and Laneige, but it didn’t seem to help.  So I signed up for laser treatment at Frank-Uber Aesthetic Clinic on Hill Street.  The pigmentation seems to have improved — they don’t promise complete removal, just a lightening of 60-80%.  I am happy if we could lighten my pigmentation by 80%!  I think I can see the pigment lightening after almost a year of monthly visits but I expected more since the whole package cost me $3,600!  Now that my hair is all grey, I pay more attention to my face.  That way, I won’t look like granny!!

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